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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2010
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Yesterday, a friend and I were speaking about the past. We were thinking how the world has changed when we had an idea!
We are going to write about today, year 2050, for the people to the future, so they will know how the year 2050 was.
PART I. Environment.
The future cities are very beautiful. They arevery big and super habited cities, the buildings are done of crystal and diamonds because they are very resistant front to natural disasters.

The houses are done of fiber and cloths of chandeliers, because they are very resistant materials.

In the biggest cities as New York for example, the persons have a small control that they can use to detect squares of free parquing,restaurants, snack bars... But the best thing is a ship called brainship. It puts in the brain, with which you can speak with other persons, look for a job, connect to Internet.. And all with the brain! It’s cool.

The cars also are very nice, very modern and they start by the voice, you can order him to ignite and it does it. The car I like is the BMW 348 Z, it can fly, submerge underthe water, 500 reaches meter out of the terrestrial surface ... it is a supercar.
BMW 348 Z
The motorbikes also are interesting. Yesterday I saw one that I liked, it’s possible to raise 3 meters of the soil and goes at the speed of the light ...amazing...One thing that hasn’t changed is the bicycles, it keep on being simple, to use one you have to use the legs.
The streets are green,there are trees, lawn, but quite very artificial, because we have destroyed almost the whole nature... But you can still see something natural…

The government is still equal, corrupt, an opportunist, but something changed, of course, they are more humanitarian and they worry more for the planet. Nowadays every country has a leader, since it has always been, but in contrast toearlier, the elections are celebrated to every two years, for safety questions and economy. In the last 5 years, the education has changed very much. It is demanded more of the students, that they have to spend more years in the school or university. Certainly the young people has more freedom today that 30 years ago, but I’m questioning if these freedoms well or badly to our young people.
Inquestions of religion, the things have changed very much. It is as if didn’t exist, neither the Christmas, nor the Easter is celebrated, the people holiday’s in honor to the saints already don’t celebrate, the people became very lay and still that helps them in some things in other aspects it they goes very bad.
The persons of today look after very much. There is a gymnasium to every corner ofevery city. The meals are better prepared than 30 years ago. It is necessary to admit that the persons look after, but the superficiality there is high, very high. In a study done by an American university, they obtained an impressive result. More than 86 % of the polled ones affirmed not to want to speak with a person if she isn’t in form, or if she doesn’t have a nice face. Very Shocking.Superficiality study’s.
To travel today is easier and cheaper, you can go to another side of the planet in 2 hours and for only 30 euros. A few Japanese scientists are preparing a mechanism of teletransport, and they affirm that for 2055 98 % of the humanity will be able to teletransport. It will be brilliant!
Part II. A better world?
Today there are more than 5 millions robotsin the world, mostly working in public places helping the persons. Some of these robots have artificial intelligence, and they are been able to make their own decisions.
Model Yfi02, the most sold.
Many scientists believe that a robot rebellion would be impossible. Other scientists, however, are concerned that it will be difficult to control machines that can think for themselves. “I think...
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