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Page 23 exercise 7 workbook
b- The film Titanic has some sad episodes, such as when Jack, one of the main characters, died in the Ocean.
c- I like the love story between Jack and Rose, particularlywhen The Titanic was sinking and Rose decided to stay with him. They promised they will die together if it was necessary.
d- The main characters are Rose, a rich woman, and Jack who is poor. Theymet on a trip in the Titanic, there she decided to leave her boyfriend and started a romance with Jack. Before Jack’s death, he had told her that he will always love her and she said she will rememberhim too.
e- I like the end when she dreams she was in the Titanic with Jack. On the other hand that was not real because finally both of them died.

Page 45 writing exercise 5 student´s book
Iremember the first time I travelled to another country. All had happened very fast. My young sister called Delfina was 15 years and for her birthday, she asked for a trip to Disney with her twosisters: Coni and me. It was one of my most childhood memory.
When we were there, everything was magic: the games, the fireworks at night, the concerts, the shops, etc. I couldn´t hardly contain myexcitement! I behaved as if I had five years old! I noticed my sisters behaved distinctly, more adults and this couldn´t happend because they are younger than me.
I couldn´t forget when we got on theAerosmith roller coaster! It was fantastic! The best game! I remembered I was very nervous and my heart beat too fast. I think it was because I hate the roller coaster but as it was my last day inDisney, I tried to enjoy as much as I could and that was what happened, not only I went to the roller coaster also I went to the “Hollywood Tower of Terror”.
I couldn´t forget that trip. It is oneof the best things it had happened to me.

Page 27 writing workbook
. Charlie lived with his family. They are very poor.
. In his birthday, he won a golden ticket to visit the...