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Patricia L'Ann Carwell was born on August 9, 1944 in Smyrna, Tennessee,
His parents Robert and Erma Carwell

It was inspired by being a writer by her mother, who always read poetry and by hisgrandparents, who told many stories.

The characters in these stories were always intelligent and courageous

 She married Frederick McKissack.

His first book was a biography of Paul LawrenceDunbar, his mother's favorite poet.

In 1975 McKissack began his career as a professional writer. She wrote mostly non-fiction and focused on issues such as racism____________________________________________________________



The Amistad was a Cuban slave ship that sailed to Cuba on June 27, 1839 with 49 African men and four children asdependents. Africans had been abducted from Sierra Leone by Portuguese slave traders in February 1839 act that "violated all treaties then in existence," according to National Archives

The Amistadwas a slave ship that sailed from Cuba with 49 African men and four children as dependents.

Africans had been abducted act "violated all treaties then in existence," according to National Archives.The crew began to abuse of enslaved Africans, tired decided to take control of the ship.

 took control and went back to Africa, but the owner directed him to Long Island Sound, where they werecaptured by sailors from the United States Navy

The Africans were imprisoned in New Haven, guilty of murder and piracy

The abolitionists supported the cause of the Africans, and the Amistad casebecame a focal point for the movement.

Supreme Court ruled that slaves had been sold illegally and were released.

The case of the Amistad had lasting effects for both the United States toAfrica.

This case galvanized the abolitionist movement in the United States and polarized-slavery. This case is credited by some as one of the events that led to the Civil War in 1861

The Amistad...
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