Instrumentos de laboratorio

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BEAKER: vaso de precipitado It is used to heat liquids, to create reactions (precipitation, electrolysis) and to hold and pour liquids.
BOILING FLASKS :balón redondo y plano. It is used tocontain chemical reactions specially for reflux . It has a round body with a single long neck and with either a round or a flat bottom.
ERLENMEYER FLASK o fiola It is used especially for mixing andmeasuring liquids.
VOLUMETRIC FLASK matraz volumétrico.. It is used for making up solutions to a known volume. The neck has a single ring graduation mark and a label.
KITASATO FLASK.. It is used inorganic chemistry labs to remove unwanted solids from the liquids.
TEST TUBE tubo de ensayo.. It is used for the transportation of liquids in chemical experiments in small quantities.
FUNNEL embudoIt is used for pouring liquid into a narrow-necked vessel
SEPARATORY FUNNEL :embudo de separación It is used to separate two immiscible liquids.
WATCH GLASS vidrio de is used as asurface to evaporate a liquid, to hold solids while being weighed, or as a cover for a beaker.
PETRI DISH capsula petri.. It is used for basic experiments that requires transportation of liquids in sterilecontainers or for drying of fluids.
DESICCATORS : disecador ..It is used for drying materials or for keeping them dry
ROUND-BOTTOM FLASK: matraz rodondo.. It is a spherical container used mainlyfor boiling liquids
CONDENSER refrigerantes: they are used to cool hot vapors or liquids.
GRAHAM CONDENSER refrigerante serpentin.. A Graham Condenser has a spiral inside it. The spiral containsthe coolant, and the condensation takes place outside of the spiral.
ALLIHN CONDENSER : refri de bola It is a long glass tube with bulbs shape that reduces vapor flow rate.
LIEBIG CONDENSER :It isused in distillation to condense vapors into liquid.
SEROLOGICAL PIPETTE : pipeta.. It is used to transfer very precise quantities of liquids from one container to another.
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