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� Please pay attention that the password can be changed by someone who call at the common gate. In this case, please cut off the phone when the beep tone sounds at handset. � Take care not to expose the password. � All functions of the KLP-1000 can be stoped by pushing “#” button. � If the melody of KDP-205 sounds and communicate continually to KLP-1000 at the common gate, please let thehandset of KDP-205 be lightly on position � Do not push the hook switch in holding a handset to your ear.


(KLP-1000 & KDP-205)
Thank you very much for purchasing KOCOM BUS type multi-doorphone. please read this manual thoroughly to ensure correct usage, before operating

To receive after service, have the following ready when you contactour branches 1. Name of the product 2. Model number of the product 3. The area of problem 4. Phone number and address at which you can be contacted.

Warranty Card
◉ KOCOM Warranties the original purchaser of this product as follows. 1) This product is produced under strict quality control and inspection procedures. 2) If thisproduct breaks down during proper use as a result of product defect, KOCOM will repair it within one year from date of purchase free of charge. 3) The following cases will be subject to charge, even during warranty period: a. Breakdown during transport, or through careless treatment, by consumer. b. Breakdown cause by unauthorized repair, or system modification. c. Breakdown caused by naturaldisaster or power disorder.

11. Special Features 12. Precautions for Operation 13. Components 14. DIP S/W Setting 15. How to operate 16. Function 17. Specifications 18. Installation 12. Warranty 13. Warranty Card 1 1 1 2 3 5 6 6

KLP1000 04.07

6. Function(KLP-1000, KDP-205)
� KLP-1000

7. Specifications
Power source Power consumption Call signal soundWiring Transmission type Line assignment ADAPTOR AC 110/220V(INPUT) DC15V(OUTPUT) Max. :3W, Stand by :0.3W Melody 3 Wired (Polarity), 0.8mm Digital programming type RED +15V BLUE LINE ( + ) BLACK GND WHITE Door Lock BLACK LINE(-) WHITE Door Lock VIOLET SIG Supplied from KLP-1000 Max. :0.2W, Stand by : 0W Melody

� Family numbers display(four numbers) � Back tone 3-5 seconds later after pushing familynumber, it sounds back tone at the speaker of KLP-1000. � Communication between KLP-1000 and KDP-205 After call to KDP-205 at KLP-1000, you can talk over with others by KDP-205.To call to KLP-1000at KDP-205, push the door key button in KDP-205 after picking up the handset, Then melody sound is occurred at KLP-1000 and KDP-205, After stopping melody, it begins communication between KLP-1000 andKDP-205 � KLP-1000 lighting By lighting function of KLP-1000, it’ possible to find numbers at KLP-1000. s � Common gate open at outside by using password You can open the common gate by putting registered password. � Cancel call signal If you’ going to cancel call signal, please push re “ disappeared on LED display. � Common gate open In case that push the door key button on KDP-205 while takingover, KLP-1000 perceive the signal and open the common gate.



Power source Power consumption Call signal sound

8. Installation
� Surface mount Type

” button while back tone melody

sounds. In that case, back tone melody sound stops and family number would be





Wall hanger panel for fixing Monitor�


Flush mount Type

� Communication between KLP-1000 and KDP-205 If you call to KDP-205 at KLP-1000, the melody sound is occurred at KDP-205. When you pick up the handset of KDP-205, lamp is power on and stop the melody sound.And then, it begins communication between KLP-1000 and KDP-205. Also, you can call to KLP-1000 at KDP-205 with using door key in KDP-205 � Common gate...
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