International bussines law

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Beltran Ochoa Javier Armando

1. First of all I believe that being an entrepreneur who is willing to open a new business must have in advance a series of proposals which will include costs and laws that the employer should know before starting to work. Similarly some of the factors to take into account would in my opinion the two most prevalent.

The responsibility of the owners.

To answer the first question I Would Be a joint contract Responsibility. As we read the original text in a small dog extraction show you what Following This Type of contract and Which I think is the best deal That Could make this company Can Protect Itself from itself.

Exchange Markets
Foreign exchange markets allow trading (buying and selling) currencies. In general, trade BetweenCountries dog if it is only OCCUR possible to exchange the currency of one country for the currency of Another Country. Exchange of money is not always simple. Sometimes Losses in international business center on exchange risk-the profit or loss Potential That Occurs Between the time the currency is the time the Acquired and Exchanged for Another currency is currency.

2. Whether dog HanzeSports BV include a choice of law clause in all of Their Employment Contracts in Which Polish law is applicable to all Declared Employment Contracts.

Application of the Employment-at-Will Doctrine
Under the Employment-at-will doctrine, Either party May terminate an Employment contract at Any Time for Any Reason and, unless the contract specifically Provides To the Contrary.

Important Variationsfrom country to country include:

Employment whether May be "at will";

what limits, if any, exist on an employer's right to terminate an "at will" employee;

how much notice an employer must-give an employee prior to terminating the employee;

holidays and other paid leave to Which Employees are Entitled; and

whether Hiring, Promoting, and are subject to Employees terminatinganti-discrimination laws; and, if so, what Unlawful establishing discrimination.

3. Whether There Are Any EU Regulations That Apply to These Contracts.

There must be one or more rules that apply to these contracts are given the case that laws are good or bad if international laws are nothing more than to be made from various events that gave rise in the EU which I think pole some extent as well ascan be seen in other types of international law and United States cases of all that goes with Central America and Mexico the laws are different from those applied in Europe.

4. What is the effect of mandatory Provisions in the Legislation of one of the country clubs have a link That With The case.
The effect is that it could cause some of the part of both parties to handle them as employeesand fighters, is the first to be formed by people from two different countries is that some have a different way of working than others, likewise the customs and traditions, do not doubt that the commitment by both parties is the same but I think it could be presented at some point in the work within the period of small differences in the ways of performing the work of both parties.

Regardingthe employer needs to know to adequately carry all contracts and not generalize to all equally and that this could bring you a problem later, general rules must be the same for everyone, but always have in mind that should include a clause specified for workers in one country or another.

5. What the status of collective agreement is Employment.

- Arbitration awards or collective agreements'Which Have Been Declared Universally
Within The Meaning of applicable Paragraph 8, insofar as They Concern the Activities
Referred to in the Annex:

(A) maximum and minimum rest work Periods Periods;
(B) minimum annual paid holidays;
(C) the minimum rates of pay, overtime rates Including; This Point Does Not Apply to
supplementary occupational retirement pension Scheme;
(D) the Conditions...
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