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Some notes before you begin:
1. Develop the new elements of the business plan outlined in this template.
2. Consult your readings and other sources to appropriately frame your work. Some possible sources of information include: your local bank, chamber of commerce, and/or governmental institution for industry promotion (including through the internet), as to the specifications theyuse for these phases of the business plan. This will help you shape your plan within a realistic framework which will increase the possibilities of your project coming to fruition.
3. Cite your sources including in-text and end of the document references in APA style, and maintain the APA style format of this template, including title page, headings, font, margins, etc.
4. Limit thedevelopment of your paper to the items indicated in this template. You will develop other items of a business plan in other courses or phases of the Portfolio Project.
5. Review your work at least once after you are done, to correct spelling mistakes, to rewrite syntax and incoherent sentences or paragraphs, and to rewrite excessively long sentences. This will prevent unnecessary loss of points.Title

Student Name
MGMT 3001V – Management in the 21st Century
Walden University
Instructor Name


Title 4
Introduction 4
Business Concept 4
Vision 4
Mission Statement 4
Goals and Objectives 5
Domestic Market Opportunities 5
Foreign/Global Market Opportunities 6
EnvironmentalConsiderations 6
Ethical Considerations 6

references 7



Write an introduction that includes a brief summary of the purpose of this paper, and a very brief description of the elements that you will develop. You can include here a brief description or comment on the sources of information you consulted.

Business Concept

Describe the type ofbusiness, the main products or services to be provided, the need that is being addressed, and how the product/service will be delivered.


1. Consult the definition of a vision statement in your course readings, and other sources, such as the vision statements of other companies, as desired, and explore which elements can define a vision statement.
2. Describe how would youlike to see your business in 10 years ( for example, a leader, part of the 3 most important ones, promoting quality, social responsibility); and how do you want others to see your business and organization, based on the elements you have researched and selected to include in your vision

Mission Statement

1. Consult in your readings the definition of mission statement and the elementsthat itare usually includes,d in your course readings.
2. Research the mission statements of local and/or international businesses similar to yours, or businesses that you admire.
3. Select from this research and based on your personal views, the elements andof the general values and goals that you want to define your business(for example, you can include to talk about the business, theproduct, the type of company, the values expected from and towards employees, the values towards customers, shareholders, suppliers).
4. Consider these three questions: What are the opportunities or needs that exist that your company can meet? What is your company going to do, specifically, to meet those needs or take advantage of those opportunities? What are the values and beliefs ofyour company that will guide you to business success?

Goals and Objectives

1. Research the characteristics of goals and objectives in your course readings, and other sources, such as the Small Business Administration, and your local banking and government institutions.
2. Define your goals and objectives based on your domestic market research, and/or foreign market...
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