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Although many candidates dread them, job interview questions are wonderful things! They are your greatest opportunity to prove to the interviewer that you are the best person for the job!
The key is to give better answers than anyone else. To do this, you must:
(1) Anticipate likely questions;
(2) Develop excellent answers;
(3) Practice!
Be enthusiastic and confident when responding toquestions. Don't rush your answers, but don't ramble on and on, either. Try to, um, avoid, like, using unnecessary words, right? And um, repeating yourself or, like, annoying phrases, you know?
A good technique is to write out your answers to the questions you anticipate, then edit them to make them more concise. Then practice your polished answers out loud, over and over. If you can havesomeone help you do a "mock interview," that would be the best way to do this.
Most questions will relate either to your ability to do the job or to the type of employee you will be. Here's one that is very commonly used to help the interviewer learn about both:
"Tell me a little about yourself."
I am a mechanical engineer with extensive knowledge about the gas turbines and some groups of GE. Ihave most experience in the CM_U group as I worked in the drafting area for almost 6 years. I am always eager to learn new methods and procedures, and have implemented improvement techniques in my past positions. I like working with people and enjoy group projects, but am also a self-starter who doesn't mind working on my own. One of My goals is to complete a Master's Degree may be in mechanic offluids or thermodynamics.

"What do you feel has been your greatest work-related accomplishment?"
In conveyors I think it was at the beginning, because I was new and never worked before with that kind of systems, and it was assigned to me a job that includes conveyors of national manufacture, and the standards for that conveyors were not complete, so, I asked to the people involved in theproject about some conveyors made before, and I received information, but everyone had different opinions, and what I did was to take all the information, and select the one that looked better and started the design. Of course, I had some mistakes, but I write down everything and started to correct it and made in my free time a standard with notes and procedures, and I present it to my boss, theassembly line, to check if everything was ok, and now we have the standard done. This will be reducing costs of manufacture and time to deliver the product.
"What is your greatest strength?"
" I'm a fast learner, and have the ability to prioritize and manage time. But my greatest strength is my ability to effectively handle multiple projects and deadlines."
"What is your greatest weakness?"Sometimes I've had trouble delegating duties to others because I felt I could do things better myself. This has sometimes backfired because I'd end up with more than I could handle and the quality of my work could suffer. But I've just took a course about consensus and learned effective delegation techniques, and how to be in the same way with people."

"How do you handle stressful situations?"Sometimes for me is better to work under pressure, I feel like I am more organized. I just prioritize the activities and put my audiphones on and start to work. In that way I feel relax.
"What is the toughest problem you've had to face, and how did you overcome it?"
Talking about the conveyor job, I was late in some activities, and that is something that I don’t like, so, I told to my boss that Iwas going to be working more hours than normally and the people of the shop help me with my doubts and as I was finishing they were making the parts and assemblies and we finished the job on time, with the help of everyone.
"Have you ever had to discipline a problem employee? If so, how did you handle it?"
Yes, once, a closed friend from the drafting group did not finish a job that affected...
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