Introduction to computers

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Introduction to Computers.
Lic. Susana Margarita Vélez Villalobos.

Activity 2

Leslie Priscila LiceaCamarillo
ID NUMBER: 1485140
Group: 1DI

San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León. 5/september/2010

1. How many keys have a standard computer keyboard?
100 keys
2. Mostkeyboards follow a similar layout, with their keys arranged in five groups, which are those groups?
The alphanumeric keys, numeric keypad, function keys, modifier keys, and cursor-movement keys.

3.What is the mouse?
Is a pointing device that lets you control the position of a graphical pointer on the screen without using the keyboard.

4. The five techniques that involves using themouse?
Pointing, clicking, double-clicking, dragging, and right-clicking.

5. What is a trackball?
Is like a mouse turned upside-down. It provides the functionality of a mouse but takes less spaceon the desktop.

6. To interact with a pen-based computer, you can use the pen for what?
To point, tap, drag, draw, and even write on the device’s screen

7. For what are useful atouch-screen system?
For selecting options from menus, but they are not useful for inputting text or other types of data in large quantities.

8. What is a game controller?
Is a special input devicethat accepts the user’s input for playing a game.

9. What are the bar codes ?
Are patterns of printed bars that appear on product packages.

10. What are the scanners?
The scanners convertany printed image into electronic form by shining light onto the image and sensing the intensity of the light’s reflection at every point.

11. Which are the two categories for the computermonitors?
CRT and flat-panel displays.

12. Most of LCD… what?
Displays are either active matrix or passive matrix.

13. What is a video controller?
Is an interface between the monitor and...
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