Introduction to french culture

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Introduction to French Culture and Civilization
Daily life and savoir-vivre
Culture shocks-problems
1) French male aggressiveness: As a woman you will be address verbally, the best thing to do is ignore, do not engage in a conversation. Look at the way French woman behave on the street, they don’t look at people. A direct look can be interpretive as an invitation. This issue happens usuallywith lower class men (immigrant, Africans)
2) In public French are cold, not very smiley, they are reserved. This is due to the difficult economic situation. The mood of the people affects their behavior. (In the subway look at the people)
3) This is not a mayor issue, but in public areas do not leave personal belongings, items.
4) French are opportunistic, self centered. They do not behavecollectively well. People will try to cut line.
5) Poor functionality, efficiently. French administration does not work immediately (burocracy). Hopefully in the end they arrive in happy solutions. Private businesses are more efficient.

The subway service is good, but it is less pleasant than the bus, because of the people.
Lyon has the best public bicycle system. You needto have a card with a chip, the first half hour is free.
There aren’t many second hand products.
Within France; you can transport with the train system (sncf). The main train station is in Part Dieu. Also you can use the National buses.
Outside France; the cheapest way is using the Bus system. Then you have trains, TGV (FAST) and TER (slow)/reserve in advance. Also there are low budgetairlines.
Airports; Lyon airport, St Etienne, Grenok.
Now there is a quick way to way to the airport , the Rhone express , it costs 11 E

Cinema was invented in Lyon, Lumiere.
In Paris there are good movies from the entire world.
Food and shopping
Leader Price
Super U
There are outdoor markets in every neighborhood to buy fresh food.
Lyon was known forbeing the gastronomic capital of France, but this is not contemporary.
1) Intelligent radio
2) Wine
3) Cheese
Wine tasting: you need to have a good wine glass, with curves on it in order to smell it. You hold the glass from the bottom.
a) OBSERVE; like a painter
b) SMELL; Like a dog (you have to be able to recognize fruits, minerals, plants ,woods)
c) CHEW; Like a coach
d) Swallow; this step is optional; you can spit it out if you are going to taste many wines.
e) DISCUSS; like a poet, it’s not a scientific moment.
Casino, super U have cheap good wine.
Different types of wine ( in the F test)
a)Pinot noir (Burgundy –most expensive)
b) Cabernet Souvignon (Bordeaux)
c) Gannay (Beaujolais , north Lyon)
d)Grenache Syrah ( Cotes du Rhone- cheap)
e) Cabernet franc (Loire valley- not quite cheap)
The wines above are all red.
White wines
a) Champagne ; expensive
b) Crenantde (sparkly white wine-less expensive)
c) Sauternes (sweat white wine, more exp)
d) Monbazillac
e) Vincelleux
Rose-it’s a summer wine, much colder.

3- Cheese- more expensive than wine.
Goat cheese- chevre (2)Cow cheese- vache (1)- camember – brie
Sheep cheese- brebis (3)- bleu, Roquefort.
Most strong cow cheese
Munster- Maroilles- Epoisses
There are more than 300 different types of cheese
Good cheese is unpasteurized.
GEOGRAPHY (photocopy)
1- The Romans started invading the territory which was occupied by the Gaul’s . This is a period extremely present because of thecomic Asterix (1950 was invented)
Lyon was the capital of Roman Gaul
2- Roman Empire started crumpling. The Huns made all the way in France but were stopped by a woman Saint Genevieve. However, other Barbarians, the Franks occupied the territory. Clovis was converted in Catholic.
Islamic great expansion in this period. Islam took over the Southern Spain (Andalucia). Muslims were expel...
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