Invencible movie

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The story is about a guy named Vince Papale, he is a teacher, but in a huge national crises of the 1976, the government makes a cutout of employer and he is a have teacher and a have of his time, heis a bartender in maxes bar.
One day he goes to school, and his principal told him he was lay out, he really needed a work, he liked to play football with the people that worked on the bar.
Hewent to play football with his friend and her wife got really mad, that one day she left him.
He was a eagle fan, the eagles were a team that played on NFL, they had a really good team but the nationalcrisis took lots of good players to go and work on something else.
The eagle’s coach makes try outs to see if people would be good enough to be on the team. He so really bad player, bad player’s,good players, but the coach just put his eye on one, Vince Papale. He was fast, he liked to play football, he was good, he was everything the team needed.
They practice two times a day, three and ahalf hours each training. At the first it was really hard for him because he was the oldest on the team and he didn’t have friend in the team. Almost all the team hated him, because he was really goodand the other teammates were kind of jealous of Papale.
He got divorced and he meat a girl that was Max’s nice and they felt in love. He got to Philadelphia because he got in a fight with her boyfriendand Papale got divorced because he didn’t had a job. The girl loved the team of NYG (New York Giants) because she had 4 older brothers that loved football and she learned about football with herbrothers.
He played in like a professional would, but his team didn’t liked him. One day they played versus NYG (New York Giants) and they were losing for two and there was a fall ball and he took it andran from the yard 50 to the touchdown.
It was a really good day for the Eagle’s and mostly for Papale because his teammates liked him and thanks to him they won that game.
The movie is a real...
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