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Tokio Hotel
Some people love them, some people hate them, it doesn’t matter to which of these two groups you belong. With three CD’s in German, and two in English, they are known in every corner ofthe world. Four guys under 25 years, the singer Bill Kaulitz, brother Tom on the guitar, drummer Gustav Schäfer and bassist Georg Listing are best known as Tokio Hotel: the most successful band inGermany since the 80’s.
Full of success, they have taken the world by storm with their music. Concert after concert, award after award, they keep appearing with great new ideas for their fans to enjoy.What else can we expect from their four young musicians? A Grammy perhaps? We might not know, but one thing is for certain: Tokio Hotel’s career is rising higher than the stars and faster thanlighting, and it is sure we will hear more of them in the future.

Everything started in a small town in Germany, Leipzig. it was 1996 when Bill was 7 years old, wrote his first song called ‘Lebe dieSekunde’, in English: Live the second.
Their parents got divorced, this affected the brothers Tom and Bill a lot. Simone, their mom, got married again with Gordon Trümper. He was member of a band andhad a music school. Tom got really interested in playing the guitar; Gordon gave him an old guitar.
Tom had started fooling around with a guitar at age 7 and at 13 together with an alreadyspiky-haired Bill; they decided to start a band. They called it Black Question Mark. “We needed a name, we thought of schwarze Fragezeichen, and then we said let’s put it in English, it will sound perfect.” Tomsaid to BILD.
Gustav went to a music school, there he met Georg. Then they joined Bill and Tom. They started playing in a small club, after they moved to Magdeburg. “We saw Bill behind thekeyboard, he was really bad, so Gustav and I decided to join them” said Georg.
That’s when Devilish started. “We needed a new name, something more special. One day I was reading the school’s news paper and...
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