Invictus (analisis en inglés)

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II) Leading characters:
Nelson Mandela: He’s a black South African with strong ideas of peace and union. He was always against the Apartheid policy imposed by the whites and even was twenty-sevenyears in prison because of that, but despite that, when he’s released and becomes president of his country, he forgives them. We can see it in the scene in which he arrives at his office and tells tothe white people who are leaving that they don’t need to do that, but if they want to, they’re in their right. He looks for a future without unfairness, prejudice, racism or resentments, a future inwhich everyone, whites and non-whites have the same rights and live in peace with each other. When he assumes as the President of South Africa, he says in his speech: “Take your knives, your guns andyour pangas and throw them into the sea. Past is the past. We look for the future now”.
He considers the South African rugby team (The Springboks) as the way to put an end to the constant rejectionbetween blacks and whites, so he puts all his hopes on the Springboks to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup, and motivates the team’s captain, Pienaar. He also sends the whole rugby team to teach and promoterugby among the non-white population.
Mandela, also called Madiba by his supporters, tries to show himself as friendly as possible. For example, he wants her bodyguards to smile all the timebecause they’re the image that people see of the President, and he also learns all the rugby player’s names to address them.
As long as the movie goes by, we realize that Mandela could become the leaderof a whole country because of his mercy, charity, strength, wisdom, capacity for forgive and his ideals of equality.

François Pienaar:
He is the Springboks’ captain. He belongs to an Afrikanerworking family, who were against Mandela’s ideals. When the President meets him, he really gets inspired and starts to follow his advice: “A leader teaches through his own acts”. He motivates his...
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