Inyecciones de acido hialuronico en las rodillas

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  • Publicado : 29 de julio de 2010
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The patients have pain relief with hayaluronic acid injections. Everybody is different and the main thing is the stage of the osteoarthritis on the knee because when the patient is in thelast stage, the next step is the total knee replacement. The patient opinion about this kind of treatment is important, let my give some examples. The first patient has had problems with hisright knee for over 25 years as a result of a sports injury. He has had several surgeries and his orthopedic doctor was told that he had serious osteoarthritis problems which wereuntreatable and that not much could be done short of total knee replacement to and relieve the almost constant pain. About 18 months ago the patient had five Hayaluronic acid injections. He said “Thepain immediately started to go away” and he was pain free for over a year. He is going to get another series of injections and he is quite happy recommending them as a pain relieftreatment. Another example, This is a 50 years old patient who has had a knee problems since 1978 when he dislocated the left knee he has had 3 operations on his left knee one patella muscularrealignment, ACL repair, and meniscus tear, he got the complete treatment five injections on each knee, one per week for five weeks. He said, has not had any painful reaction to the shoots. It isbeen two months since the last shot, and he said, “This stuff works”. A couple of weeks ago there were swelling in the left knee and it did become painful e thought the shots had worn off,however in a couple of days the swelling and pain went away. It most seemed as though the fluid in his knee had mixed with the hayaluronate and creates a cushion. Bottom line, after twomonths his knee continues feel better than it did prior to injections.
The new treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) have got better the life of patients. Some patients, with severe (RA)
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