Is facebook a blessing or a curse?

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  • Publicado : 26 de mayo de 2011
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Is Facebook a Blessing or a Curse?

Facebook is nothing more than a medium for communication. However, it became one of the most important things in the society. It looks like as if everyone isinvolved in this bubble. Facebook is a kind of "fantasy island" where people can make up anything they want, they can live an alternative life if they choose, and no one can prove if it is true.Unfortunately, people have forgotten how important it is to share with their families. At this time, people prefer have meetings by internet rather than in person. There are many effects caused by Facebook,but I want to show three of them that I consider are important: Facebook as an addiction, the growing role in digital photography, and Facebook as a cause of divorces.
There are symptoms that helppeople to realize if they have a Facebook addiction. According with the article “Facebook Addiction,” published on internet in 2010 by Abhijit Naik, some of these symptoms are: “
* You wake up in themorning, and first thing you do is log on your Facebook account.
* You check Facebook for updates and comments after every hour.
* You can’t go for a day without using Facebook.”
Thosesymptoms and others determine the addiction to Facebook. It is important to evaluate if we are addicted to this social networking, in order to understand how it can affect our lives. The problem with theFacebook addiction is that we forget that we have an actual life to live. It means we spend more time online than with relatives or friends.
Another effect caused by Facebook is related to itsfast-growing role in digital photography. “Facebook has become the largest photo-sharing site on the web by far, with 400 million users uploading 3 billion photos a month,” according to Caitlin McDevittin her article “Pros and cons to Facebook’s fast-growing role in digital photography” published by the Washington Post in March of 2010. As a result, the proliferation of pictures on Facebook is...
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