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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2010
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When studying at university, students are asked to conduct a research study in order to graduate. This requirement has been an issue which frequently generates a great deal of interesting debateamong students; some of them claim that conducting a study is a vital opportunity to put into practice the knowledge which students have learnt, whilst opponents claim that it is unjustifiable to conducta research study due to the high amount of money students have to spend on it added to the lack of knowledge students have in regard to do a research study. Therefore I believe that students shouldnot conduct a research study in order to graduate.
Firstly, it is well-known that the vast majority of Colombian University students have to pay to another person a large amount of money in order tohave their research study done properly, since university students’ research study has been rejected. Statisticshows that 80% of research studies were rejected because of many mistakes was made duringthe process. Consequently students have to spend more money on research study.
Secondly, many of new University teachers are not expert in doing research. As a result students are not being taughthow to do/conduct a research study properly, in fact the Colombian Government has created a law which has been called 715 law, which says that any person can teach at any level, which has gone in thedetriment of high quality which any superior education has to have. Therefore, many Colombian Universities have decided to take advantage of this law. With the specific purpose of saving money manyColombian Universities have gotten as a teachers people who are not well trained to teach. According to Dario Botero (2000),”not only the vast majority of Colombian Universities are being taken as acommercial business, which are more profitable and safer than the drug dealing itself, but also those Colombian Universities are being irresponsible managed due to the Colombian Government complicity...
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