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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2010
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Committee: World Trade Organization
Delegation: Italy
Topic: Protectionism or globalization in time of crisis
In time of crisis, globalization is not the solution for countries in orderto have an economic growth. The twentieth first century world is full of competition among the countries from the entire world. At the beginning of this century, most of the countries consideredglobalization the solution for the countries (en vias de desarrollo) to have an economic expansion since it promoted economic activities in countries and also it helped the (poor countries) to havethe same services the (rich countries) enjoy. It is partially correct the previous statement because thanks to this current, China and others countries had emerged and they have become an economicpower.
But this globalization does not help everybody to become an economic power. As the Business Week article admitted “The plain truth is that market liberalization by itself does not lift allboats, and in some cases, it has caused severe damage to poor nations”. Therefore the economy of many countries have experienced lost. An example of the negatives effects of globalization can beobserved in Italy. The emerged of news industries from other countries has caused to Italy a loose of profits in their importation and exportation activities. Therefore, the companies of Italy have tofire their employees. As a result, the economy of Italy is deteriorating.
The government of Italy has established some protectionist policies in order to help the small Italian business to survive andprotect them from the foreign products. An example of this pol

Topic: Strategies for sustainable trade
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