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  • Publicado : 12 de abril de 2010
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Paulina Rubio Dosamantes came to the world on June 17, 1973 in city of Mexico and scarcely he(she) was seven years old when he(she) found in the infantile group "Timbiriche" a way to develophis(her,your) enormous infantile energy.

The mother of Paulina is the actress Susana Dosamantes (whose real name is Susana Rue Riestra), the whole celebrity in Mexico, and it(he,she) him(her) has marked it.It(he,she) traverses for his(her,your) veins artist's blood and it demonstrated it already from girl, " I am famous since I was born ", assures Paulina.

For two years it(he,she) was prepared toconscience together with other six children (between(among) them there were Capetillo and also singer Thalía) and in 1982 it(he,she) made début directly with the group. His(her,your) thinness andhis(her,your) frisks on the prompt scene(stage) turned into his(her,your) distinctive stamp.

With this group it(he,she) recorded eleven discs, but it was " Timbiriche 7 " the one that stood out for breakingrecords of sales and discs to be placed in his(her,your) moment as one of the dies in Spanish more sold in the history of the Latin music.

In 1988, Paulina made début like actric of soap operas with apersonage of villana in " Passion and Power ". Later, protagonizóuna version in Spanish of "Vaseline(Petroleum jelly)", together with the members of Timbiriche.

Paulina led the soap opera "It(He,She) dances with me " and the movie " Kiss Me in the mouth ", in 1995, it(he,she) did a stellar(star) paper(role) in the soap opera " Poor rich girl ", and to the time it(he,she) was throwing(launching)to the market his(her,your) first disc as soloist " the golden girl ", which made him deserving of the appellative one " golden Girl ", who is since(as) like they her(it) know in Mexico.
Despueswould come his(her,your) discs " 24 Kilates ", " The time is a gold " and " Planet Paulina " .Paulina puts all his(her,your) heart in his(her,your) work, " everything what I interpret I am I, I might...
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