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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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Ready to hike a trail? Take a ride through “The Emerald Forest”…

For Windows Vista SP1

Now for something different here at DA… I am going back to a color in this visual style. I borrowed myfriend’s Vathanks’ captation buttons from his “J” theme (one of my favorites!) link and modified the color to match my visual style. Also, I did not include the Wallpaper as it is from Terol ( aMaster!). Here is the link. All other files are original to my work. I hope you all enjoy and as usual all comments and suggestions are welcome. In the end this is for you people as much as it is for myself.---The Stuff---
New Explorer.exe which changes the userpic and power off buttons to match my theme

New IeFrame.dll will change color of tabs and new back & forthbuttons.

New Browseui.dll will change the back & forth buttons to match IeFrame.dll.

And lastly drag theme files intoc:\windows\resources\themes.

All these files must be replaced from your current files for the complete effect. Follow procedures included in this pack. Be careful as they are system files and if not properlyreplaced it may cause your system not to start.

To the “newbies” I stress the fact, go slow and follow directions properly!

The instructions...

First of all, we as themers sometimes forget howdifficult it was for us in the beginning to install these themes and change .dll files so that we may max out our visual style or theme experience. I realize how frustrating it must be when our PCdoes not start after we change any .dll or .exe file.

Below there is an explanation on how to step by step on what to do to install any theme with all the bells and whistles. These instructions, ofcourse, are only for the Windows Vista SP1 Operating System.

First thing to do is disable UAC. Go into control Panel and click on Administrative Tools, then Local Security Policy, then choose...
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