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The Arawak and Taino indigenous people, originating in South America, settled on the island between 4000 and 1000 BC. When Christopher Columbus arrived in 1494, there were over 200villages ruled by caciques (chiefs of villages).
The Spanish were forcibly evicted by the English at Ocho Rios in St. Ann, In 1655 the English, lead by William Penn and General Robert Venables, took overthe last Spanish fort in Jamaica.
When the English captured Jamaica in 1655 the Spanish colonists fled after freeing their slaves.

Though a smallnation, Jamaican culture has a strong global presence. The musical genres reggae, ska, mento, rocksteady, dub, and, more recently, dancehall and ragga all originated in the island's vibrant, popularurban recording industry.
Internationally known reggae musician Bob Marley was also Jamaican.
1. Religion

Christianity is the largest religion practised in Jamaica. The Christian faithgained credibility as British Christian abolitionists and Baptist missionaries joined educated former slaves in the struggle against slavery.
The Rastafari movement had 24,020 adherents. Otherreligions in Jamaica include the Bahá'í faith, which counts perhaps 8,000 adherents and 21 Local Spiritual Assemblies, Buddhism, and Hinduism. There is a small population of Jews, about 200, who describethemselves as Liberal-Conservative.The first Jews in Jamaica trace their roots back to early 15th century Spain and Portugal. Muslim groups in Jamaica claim 5,000 adherents.

2. Gastronomy
TheJamaica’s gastronomy distinguishes for they flavor and variety, also of they products, as are the quibombo, the callaloo, the ackee, the Jamaica’s pepper and curry. Also products like the fish,seafood, fruits and vegetables.
Their gastronomy has African and English influence, but with the Jamaican personal touch
About the drinks, highlights the Jamaican rum and the coctecls prepared with...
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