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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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Javier C. Llleras Rivera
Prof. Martínez
English Lab. 8:30-9:50

1. Genesis wants to write about strange Puerto Rican customs.
2. She doesn’twant to write about the weather.
3. Fabiola knows Luisanlly.
4. She doesn’t know Gabriela.
5. Selenia haves a dog.
6. Elisa doesn’t have a dog.7. Marienne lives in Santurce.
8. Claudia not lives in Bayamon.
9. Pierre is Haitian.
10. Hilada is not Haitian.
11. You understand PuertoRican customs.
12. You not understand Puerto Rican customs.
13. American customs are different for Jorge.
14. American customs not are differentfor Daphne.
15. I like dogs.
16. I don’t like cats.
17. Dogs need a lot of attention.
18. Cats don’t need as much attention.
19. Almosteveryone loves kittens and puppies.
20. Most people don’t love snakes

21. Does Ferdinand lives in Puerto Rico? Yes, does live.

22. Do Brendalyhas a dog? No, don’t have.

23. Does Gladys lives in Puerto Rico? No, she doesn’t live.

24. Does Carlos a Mexican friend? No, he don’t friend.25. Does Daniel are strange Puerto Rican customs? No, doesn’t strange.

26. Why do like people dogs?

27. How often does write Alexandra to Greysha?28. How much does cost a dog walking services?

29. Why does Jonathan have a dog?

30. How often does Valerie walk her dog a day?31. How often does takes her dog to the animal hospital?

32. Why do need a guides dog a lot of training?

33. How does a dog save people’s lives?