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CODE SEARCH: Used to program the remote or to search through codes. SIGNAL INDICATOR LIGHT (LED): The Indicator Light flashes to show that the remote is working properly. ON/OFF BUTTON: Operates the same as your original remote Note: Some RCA, GE and ProScan models require you to press the device button to turn the device on and the ON/OFF button toturn the device off. SLEEP: Allows you to set a time for you to turn off your device automatically. GUIDE: Brings up the on-screen TV program guide if your device has that feature. MENU: Brings up the Main Menu. If you are already in the menu system, press SELECT to select a highlighted choice. Use the arrow buttons to move through the Menu Selections. GO BACK: Allows you to go to the previouschannel you selected. Operates the same as Last Channel, Previous Channel, or Recall button on your original remote. MUTE: Mutes volume on the TV. CABLE, TV, VCR, DVD, SAT: Used to select the device you want to control. 0-9: The number buttons operate the same as on your original remote, and are used for entering device codes.

You will need the list of codes to manually select and input the correctcodes to your specific device. 1. Turn on the device that you want to set. 2. Look for the brand name under the specific device listing provided. (Note: You will notice that some brands will have more than one 3-digit code. During the code input process, you may have to try more than one 3-digit code that will match your device brand and model.) 3. Aim the remote control at the device and pressdown and hold CODE SEARCH button for at least 3 seconds until the red LED lights up solid red. 4. Press the device button for the item you wish to program, e.g. TV, DVD, VCR, etc. and the LED light will blink once and then remain solid red. 5. Using the number keys, enter the 1 st set of 3-digit codes from the list. You will notice that each number that you press, the LED will blink once. After youhave entered the 3rd digit, the red LED will turn off indicating that the code was recognized for the device. (NOTE: If the code entered was not compatible, the red LED will flash several times. You will then need to repeat Step 3. You have 30 seconds to enter a code.) 6. After the red LED light has turned off. Press the ON/OFF key. If the device you are trying to program powers off, then youhave found the correct code. If the device does not power off, then you will need to repeat the process again from Step 3, using another 3-digit code. 7. Make a note of the 3-digit code for future use.




ENTER: Used to complete channel selection for some brands of TV. It is also used to complete the code entry process. TV/VCR: Operates the TV/VCRfunction of your VCR. NAVIGATION BUTTONS & OK: Used to move through on screen menu and guides. With some DBS models the INFO button should be used to select the highlighted item. Use the navigation buttons up, down, left, or right to make selection. VOL & CH: The VOL (Volume) and CH (Channel) buttons increase or decrease the volume or channel numbers. REVERSE, PLAY, FORWARD, REC, STOP, PAUSE: Thesebuttons are for DVD/VCR/DVR use, and operate the same as on your original VCR or remote. You must press the REC button twice to begin recording. INPUT: Selects the video inputs of your TV if equipped with this feature. INFO: Shows the date and the time if your TV or VCR has that feature. Functions the same as a Display button. CLEAR: Removes the on screen display to return to normal viewing.

Thisis an alternative method to programming your device without using the code list. The remote control will scroll through the list of codes to identify the correct code for your device. 1. Turn on the device that you want to set. 2. Aim the remote control at the device and press and hold down the CODE SEARCH button for at least 3 seconds until the red LED lights up solid red. 3. Press the device...
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