Jimmy hendrix

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Work presented in the Englishman's matter to the
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This guitarist born in Washington Seatle November 27, 1942 was a guitarist, singer and composer estadunidense was one ofthe principal innovators in the electrical guitar during his short artistic so pitifully short career and intensely He was the predecessor of many structures and of the sound of those that would be the future evolutions of the rock (as for example the hard rock), creating an unpublished merger of blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and funk. Of mother of origins native American and a manAfro-American father
his name original was Johny Allen Hendrix, They changed the name into that of James Marshall Hendrix into memory of the deceased brother of his your father Leon Marshall Hendrix.
In 1958, the year in which his mother dies, his father bought him his you first electrical guitar, a white Supro Ozark, though without amplifier, with that it touched in several local bands. The sameyear his you low qualification in the school was a F in class of music. Slightly interested in the school, which would stop before graduating, Jimi it began to devote tempestivamente to the music: his points of reference were guitarists of the scene of the blues of Chicago like Elmore James, Muddy Waters or Albert King, for not speaking about legends of more excellent delta blues, as Robert Johnson yLeadbelly, and about the rock and roll as Chuck Berry.
Once obtained the fall, "Buster" (many friends and relatives knew since as, fixed hisresidence in Clarksville's surroundings, in Tennessee. It began to act publicly in 1962 with the group formed traine together withclose to his friend Billy Cox, the King Casuals. The group began to show in places of the zone until theformation(traininginforms decided to move to Nashville. The activity of the group was developing essentially in places of Jefferson Street's zone, traditionally considered the heart of the Afro-American community of Nashville and known by the intense scene rhythm and blues that in that period was developing; this environment propitiated and influenced the Hendrix's first "live" experiences.
In 1965 Hendrix CurtisKnight joined the band of New York and the Squires, after having known Knight in the hall of a hotel - class it he happens - in which both had found accomodations. Starliters was still a tour of two months with Joey Dee and the before returning again with the Squires in New York. Finally on October 15, 1965 Jimi it obtains a record contract of three years of duration with Ed Chaplin, a businessman tothe one that held to give 1 dollar and 1 % of royalty on the recordings with Curtis Knight. Nevertheless 13 years later the collaboration with Chaplin was concluded, the contract was successful in appeal successfully on the part of the businessman causing not few problems to Hendrix up to hisoher resolution.
In May, 1967, Plough You Experienced? It( obtained an excellent response of sales in theold continent, interrupting his ownascent to the second place in the British hit parade behind Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band of the Beatles. Anyhow, the Experience was in search of the perfect occasion to land in USA, where still
The occasion appeared in June, 1967, when the group was invited - by means of Paul McCartney - to the historical edition of the Monterey International PopFestival carried out on June 16,17 and 18 of that year and generally considered the event of take-off of the so called " long summer of love " that it( popularized to the movement hippie in the world. The opportunity was revealed extremely favorably for Hendrix: besides the important repercussion that the event would have in the whole North American country, his action would be immortalized in the...
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