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America |
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The English Crown decided to allow Colonies in The new world. Each colony had a paid colonial agent in London to represent its interests.Thethree forms of colonial government in 1776 were provincial, proprietary, and charter. | The American colonies were farming land. Colonists grew their own food, basically corn and wheat.They raised cattle that gave them meat, milk and butter and kept chicken and sheep. They also went hunting and fishing. In New England farms had little land but in the southern colonies farms were much bigger. Onthese plantations colonists grew tobacco and other products which they sold to England and other colonies. As time went on more and more slaves came to Virginia and other southern colonies to work ontobacco farms. The first factories appeared in the Middle Colonies. They produced iron and textiles. | American colonists were very religious people. Many of them left Europe because they could notbelieve in their faith freely. As there were no churches people went to meeting houses to pray together.Many different religious groups came up all along the eastern coast. In New England, people werePuritans who led very strict lives. Pennsylvania became the home of the Quakers. They believed that all people were equal in front of God. Southern colonists were mostly Baptists and Anglicans. | When thefirst Europeans came to America Indians had already been living there for many centuries. At first the Indians were friendly. They taught the colonists how to grow crops and survive the harshwinters. The colonists traded with the Indians and gave them things that they hadn’t known before. As time went on, the Indians saw that the growing number of colonists needed more land and wanted toexpand to the west. They pushed them westward and took away more and more of their land. |

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Portugal controlled most of the colonies that were...
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