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Job Requirements for a Database Analyst
By Lucy Friend, eHow Contributor
updated: January 16, 2011
A database analyst is an information technology professional who participates in the design,implementation, development and maintenance of an organization's databases. Although database analysts are similar to database administrators and architects, these professionals focus more onevaluating, testing and ensuring the integrity, quality and functionality of databases. The job requirements for database analyst can vary by employer based on the systems and technology platforms each employeruses.
1. Most employers require a bachelor's degree in computer science, management information systems or a related information technology discipline. Along with a bachelor's degree,obtaining credentials in one or several database products, software or systems many employers use can increase employment opportunities. Examples include certifications related to products such asOracle and Microsoft.
Personal Attributes
2. Database analyst should be inquisitive. Ensuring the proper functionality of databases requires an inquisitive nature and the ability to understand whatusers will need to effectively utilize databases. These professionals should also have good problem-solving and analytical skills in order to improve the functionality of databases. Excellentcommunication skills also are required, because these professionals often are liaisons between technical and nontechnical teams to translate users' needs to technical staff.
Technical Skills
3.Technical qualifications often vary by employer. Many employers require skills using the databases, software and systems platforms and data storage systems used by the organization. These professionalsshould also have the ability to prepare technical queries from a variety of databases to create ad hoc reports. Database analysts often use queries to create reports that will assist the organization and...
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