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What does he/she do? What does he/she do exactly? Where does he/she work?

1.TEACHER __3__ sell tickets __7__ at a restaurant

2.DOCTOR__8__ cut hair __9__ in an office

3.TRAVEL AGENT ___5_ sell clothes __6__ at a fire station

4.FLIGHT ATTENDANT __9__ type letters __4__ on planes5.SALESPERSON __7__ prepare food _8___ at a hair salon

6.FIREFIGHTER __11__ help sick people __12__ in a construction site

7.CHEF __2__ curesick people __1_ at a school

8.HAIRDRESSER __1_ teach Math __2__ in a clinic

9.SECRETARY _10___ fly planes __5__ at Ripley

10.PILOT _12___build houses __3__ at a travel agency

11.NURSE __6__ put out fire __11__ at a hospital

12.WORKER __4__ serve passenger __10__ for an airlineA)Match the jobs with the job description and place of work.
B)Create sentences with that information. REMEMBER to put “s” to the third person singular.

1.A teacher teaches Math and works at a school.
2.A doctor cures sick people and works in a clinic.
3.A travel agent sells tickets and works at a travelagency.
4.A flight attendant serves passenger and works on planes.
5.A salesperson sells clothes and works at Ripley.
6.A firefighter puts out fire and works at a firestation.
7.A chef prepares food and works at a restaurant.
8.A hairdresser cuts hair and works at a hair salon.
9.A secretary types letters and works in an office.10.A pilot flies planes and works for an airline.
11.A nurse helps sick people and works at a hospital.
12.A worker builds houses and works in a construction site.
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