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  • Publicado : 29 de marzo de 2011
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Raw or undercooked foods can cause cholera.

* Fish and seafood
  are a main source
  of infection.

To the confirmation
Of 144 cases of cholera
in the country, the president
 of the society of internal
medicine chapter Monagas,
Yemina Figuera, warned the
 need for hygiene  in the home
 and the street, to prevent the
spread of the disease.
Figuera reiterated thatcholera
is an infectious disorder that
has a short incubation period,
 from hours to five days, besides
the bacterium Vibrio cholerae 
causes diarrhea copious, painless,
watery that can quickly lead to
a severe dehydration.

Foods are the main carriers of
cholera and the chances of
infection increases when they
are thoroughly washed before
eating or when they have little
cooking.“Eat a vegetable or fruit without
washing it or drink beverages
made ​​without boiled water or
treated with chlorine, can also
cause infection”, Figuera explained. Stressed that the bacterium is highly
sensitive to chlorine, so adding two drops per every liter of water eliminate pollution. Raw or undercooked seafood, also represent a source of infection, since the salinity of sea waterprovides an ideal habitat for the bacterium.

Psychological Health

A series of specific signals will let you know if   someone around you is depressed or if yourselfare the person affected.


When you show subtle changes in behavior, human
relationships suffer and you feel over lack of affection,
you can be in the presence of psychological disorders
related to depression.

Depression is a disorder of mood, very often, which
affects the whole human being, either physically and emotionally.
Has social repercussionsdue to the decline of the will to meet the usual demands of life optimally.

Frequent symptoms

In depressed teens is very common symptoms the present of sadness, boredom, tedium and annoyance, loss of interest and pleasure in activities that previously would wake him or her up, feelings of guilt or to be useless.
Also usually present disorders of the habit of sleep, withinsomnia or hypersomnia, restlessness, poor concentration, irritability, dysphoria, moodiness, loss of energy to undertake everyday tasks, feelings of fatigue andexhaustion, several concerns for music, books and games related to the theme of death or suicide, feeling physically sick without any organic disease, increased use of harmful substances, lack of appetite exaggerated, behavior rebel withouta cause determined.
Alert is of utmost importance if you feel any unusual symptoms in your conduct as irritability, extreme aggression,insomnia, among many other symptoms or know  someone in these conditions,check with your parents and visit a specialist and so avoid more serious consequences.
Problemas Salud

Una serie de señalesespecificas te permitirán saber si alguien a tu alrededor está deprimido o si tú misma eres la persona afectada.


Cuando presentas sutiles cambios en la conducta,
tus relaciones humanas se ven afectadas y sientes en
exceso falta de afectividad, puedes estar ante la presen-
cia detrastornos psicológicos asociados a la depresión.

La depresión es una enfermedad del estado de ánimo,
muy frecuente, que afecta al ser humano en su totalidad,
ya sea física y emocionalmente. Tiene repercusión social debido a la merma de la voluntad para satisfacer las demandas habituales de la vida de forma óptima.

Síntomas frecuentes

En los adolescentes es muy...
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