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Nuestra America:

"Our America," written in the late 1880s and published in a Spanish-language newspaper in New York in 1891. Here Martí called for cross-class resistence to the imperialismembodied by Spanish rule and that threatened the United States. Consequently, the work also included his vision on unifying Cubans from many different backgrounds for a common cause.

He emphasized theneed to come to terms with the continents multi-racial identity and the importance of teaching thoroughly the history of America, from the Incas to the present. During the last fifteen years of his life,Martí sent regular contributions to important Spanish American newspapers and in his essays displayed a new style, which had a deep influence on the literary prose of every Spanish-speaking nation.Online Overview of Jose Marti's "Our America"

• Marti calls for people to step forward with their ideas
• Expresses desire for people in America to be united, to make America strong
• Uses"Our America" to refer to Latin America. Situates his essay within a historical context with mention of the Aztecs, the Inca, Simon Bolivar--Latin American liberator--and figures from Mexico's War ofIndependence
• Recognizes role of Catholic Church (rosary as our guide) in identity
• Reflects on the Peasant--associates him with Nature, an individual who will resist tyranny and outside ideas
•Criticizes the dandy--one who is Europeanized (English breeches, Parisian vest, etc.). Likewise, he critiques the general, scholar and judge--figures of authority who are influenced by ideas from theU.S. and from Europe (French revolution)
• Makes note of the Giant of the North
Themes in "Our America":
• Create; Do not imitate
• Be careful of learned authorities
• Establish a governmentthat is unique and appropriate to the Americas
• Work toward a common good
• Diversity is a positive aspect of American culture
• We should look after our past, our family, our roots.
• Sees the...
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