Juan chichero franchise

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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2010
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Juan Chichero was born of the idea of two venturesome managers of the world of the banking who took with overwhelming success to the franchise pattern the production, commercialization and sale of this traditional drink.

Juan Carlos Machado and AlbertoMartini are the founders of this business, which began like a proyect to beginnings of the year 2000 in Venezuela. This consisted on the sale of non alcoholic chicha, a drink traditional Venezuelan, of sweet flavor that gets ready with the help of rice, milk, vanilla and sugar.

The business begins when Juan Carlos decides to take a sample from his product to an event of promotion of furnitureorganized by a friend. At the end of the event people congratulated him for the excellent product that he was selling. With the precedent of their product test, in October of the 2000, Juan opens his first car of chicha sale, but Alberto was not still very sure of the profitability of this business.

For final of the year 2000, Alberto had already decided to be involved completely in thebusiness of "Juan Chichero" because he understood that a high potential of growth existed, what took him to buy Juan Carlos 50% of the company.

In successive form they opened other sale points in the area. To the 5 months of the opening of the first car, they had in operation 7 sale points. Each one of these cars had allowed to the venturesome ones to develop the cost structure, which was based on thepurchase of the pasta of the chicha, which represented according to their preliminary calculations 33% of the sales, the chichero embraced 8% and the other inputs 24%. All this left a profitability of 30% of the sales. However, for that the venturesome ones felt then that they dedicated an I number excessive of hours to their work, what generated discussions among the partners and to diminish thedesires to continue ahead.

When they had problems in taking the chicha to the sale points, they understood that the most appropriate form to make that the company take off was through franchises. To beginnings of the year 2001,Juan Carlos and Alberto they contacted Front Consulting, company dedicated to help to venturesome to transform its business into franchises, to receive information onhow to establish Juan Chichero like a successful company. The creation of an operative plan were among the objectives, a manual for the franchisee and a plan to establish a production center and distribution.

The franchise "Juan Chichero" it was created and both partners decided to participate in "EXPOFRANQUICIAS 2001", receiving the prize like concept of the year and like pioneer franchise ofVenezuela, being able to settle down more than 160 sale points in the whole country.


Juan Chichero is the most outstanding, grateful and profitable international franchise in Chicha, and now it is in Ecuador so that we enjoy it!

This is a franchise that following a logical order arrived to our country through a company leader in the ecuadorian market thattakes the consumer the same level of quality that has the product as much in Venezuela as in United States.

Jesus Eduardo Yánez is who brought this product of Venezuela. He is a manager that has intruded in the world of the franchises, becoming in Franchisee Master of Juan Chichero for the Ecuador.


The vision of this franchisee is to be recognized in the whole ecuadorian territory as anutritious mark of high nutritious value that offers a healthy and refreshing drink, leader in its concept, and prepared inside the highest levels of quality, granting values for the client, developing human capital; and, appropriate profitability for the shareholders and franchisees.

✓ Detail of the operation of the franchise


This franchise was born with the idea of...
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