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|For Domain Name Service (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) |


ISSUED: March 22, 2010


Article 1 Introduction 2

1.1 Definitions 2

1.2 Invitation to Proponents 31.3 Type of Contract for Services 3

1.4 RFP Documentation 3

Article 2 The RFP Process 4

2.1 General Information and Instructions 4

2.2 Communication/Questions After Issuance of RFP 4

2.3 Submission Of Proposals 5

2.4 Evaluation of the Proposals 8

2.5 Execution Of Agreement 8

2.6 Prohibited Communications 8

Article 3 AdditionalTerms 9

3.1 General Rights of AHS 9

3.2 Rights of AHS vis-à-vis Selected Proponent 11

3.3 Conflict of Interest 12

3.4 Confidential Information of AHS 12

3.5 Intellectual Property Rights 13

3.6 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 13

3.7 Proponent’s Costs 13

3.8 Limitation of Liability 14

3.9 Compliancewith Applicable Laws 14

3.10 Governing Law of RFP Process 14

Schedule A - The Services/Requirements 15

Schedule B - Declaration 18

Schedule C - Evaluation of Proposals 20

Schedule D - Criteria 22

Schedule E - Form of Agreement 43

Schedule F - Statement of Full Disclosure and Conflict Of Interest Declaration 44

Schedule G - Pricing Form 50


1. Definitions

Unless otherwise specified in this RFP, capitalized words and phrases have their prescribed meaning set out in the Agreement.

a) “AD” Active Directory

b) “Agreement” has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 1.3;

c) “AHS” has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 1.2;

d) “AHS Contact” means the person designated by AHS to be thecontact person with during the procurement process;

e) “Annual” means twelve months;

f) “APC” means Alberta Purchasing Connections website.

g) “Business Days” means every day except Saturdays, Sundays and any statutory holiday in the Province of Alberta;

h) “Days” means calendar days;

i) “DHCP” means Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol;

j) “DNS” means Domain NameService;

k) “Evaluation Team” means the individuals who have been selected by AHS to evaluate the Proposals;

l) “Former Organizations” has the meaning ascribed to it in Schedule A under “Background”.

m) “IP” Internet Protocol;

n) “IPAM” IP Address Management;

o) “LDAP” Lightweight Directory Access Protocol;

p) “Mandatory Requirements” means the criteria describedas the mandatory requirements in Schedule D;

q) “Proponent” means an entity that submits a Proposal in response to this RFP;

r) “Proposal” means all of the documentation submitted by the Proponent in response to the Request for Proposal, which has been accepted by AHS. The terms ‘response’ and ‘submission’ are also used to mean Proposal;

s) “Rated Criteria” means the criteriadescribed as rated criteria in Schedule D;

t) “Request for Proposal” or “RFP” means this Request for Proposal issued by AHS for goods/or services and any addenda thereto;

u) “Services” mean the goods and services to be provided to AHS by the Supplier pursuant to this RFP as described in 0; and

v) “Should” indicates a requirement that AHS would like the Proponent to address in...
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