Juegos tradicionales de honduras

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In contrast to equity partner, the industrial partner provides services to society and technical, scientific or artistic and as it has the right to participate in the future distribution of benefits.
Association may refer to:
• In ontology:
• Association (ontology), the only property of substantial individuals.
• In law and economics:
• Freedom ofassociation and freedom of association, human right is the power to unite and form groups, associations or organizations.
• Association (Law), the entity formed by all members for the same purpose.
• Economic Partnership, disambiguation various types of association of an economic nature between persons or companies.
• Voluntary association, the association's sovereign private law whose existenceis a direct result of the wills of the parties.
• Policy Association, the name to be given to the institutions provided for in the Law of Political Associations with which the last government of Francisco Franco (Carlos Arias Navarro, the spirit of 12 February 1974) intended to make a tentative political opening in Spain but legalize political parties in the opposition to Franco.
DEALERSThe dealer is generally the person who is dedicated to trade normally. Also called and the owner of a trade.
Vegetable traders in a market in Seattle, USA
In commercial law the term "trader" refers to the subjective field of study, ie individuals who are specifically regulated by this branch of law. In this regard, traders are people who, as usual, engaged in any activity that the law considersbusiness ("commercial transactions"). The habitual is an essential element of the definition: any person who is not an occasional act of commerce (for example, who buys in a store) is a merchant, but is only considered trader from the perspectives of people involved Mercantil to trade as usual.

The term 'business' language is used to refer to elements or individuals that make up acompany, as well as to characterize situations or moments that occur within the scope of an enterprise or company. The use of this adjective can be very different because the number of possible applications is endless.
• The proper name of Charity;
• one of the theological virtues, charity, consisting of selfless love for others;
• derived from this sense of philanthropy or charityis the organized practice of providing assistance to the needy;
• a translation of the Graces now obsolete or Graces of Greek mythology, goddesses, daughters of Zeus and the nymph Eurynome;
• the second or third anchor of respect carried in the hold of a ship.
• Charity, a municipality in Honduras.
• Caridad Pineiro, author of novels.
• Charity Hierrezuelo, guarachera Cuban.
• Wiki hasdefinitions for charity.
Commercial law or business law is the set of rules for traders in the exercise of their profession, commercial transactions legally qualified as such and the legal relations arising from the implementation of these, in broad terms, is the branch of law governing the exercise of trade. One of its foundations is free trade.
A company is anorganization or institution engaged in activities or prosecution of economic and commercial. It was noted that, in practice, you can find a variety of definitions. That seems to be due, at least in part, that despite its apparent simplicity, the concept is complex. Thus, we can consider that these differences emphasize different aspects. Here are some ..
It is a term that allowsmultiple definitions. On the one hand, a consortium is an economic partnership in which a number of companies seeking to develop a joint activity by creating a new society. It usually occurs when a market with entry barriers several companies decided to form a single entity in order to increase their monopoly power.

A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united...
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