Julius ceaser

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Act I

This play start to the scene of tribune and Marullus. Flavius is scolding the Roman citizens that are worshipping Caesar. They are talking each other that Caesar is becoming to powerful andthat is a fear of them, because he can also become arrogant and that must be stopped.

A little later, Caesar was leading a procession through the streets of Rome. A soothsayer told Caesar to bewarethe `` ides of March´´(the 15th of march) a warning that Caesar will die on this day. He ignored it. Cassius who fears Caesar, begins to recruit Brutus, a close friend of Caesar toward his conspiracyby implying that Caesar is becoming too powerful. Brutus is suspicious of Cassius' motives but tells Cassius that he will think it over.Casca, another conspirator, reveals information to Brutus thatsuggests Caesar may be getting more ambitious. Cassius' conspiracy gains momentum when he recruits a suspicious Casca to their cause against Caesar by pointing out that several recent strangeoccurrences are omens warning them against Caesar.

Act II
Brutus cannot sleep, revealing for the first time his own true fears that Caesar may be growing too powerful. A letter is discovered, whichBrutus reads, convincing him to join the conspiracy. The complete group of conspirators meets at Brutus' house, discussing Caesar's assassination. Brutus argues against Caesar's right hand man, Mark Antonybeing assassinated as well. Cassius and Trebonius have their doubts but go along with Brutus. Brutus' troubled wife Portia tries to find out what her husband is planning, worried for him.Calphurnia, Caesar's wife, wakes Caesar up after herself awakening from a terrible nightmare. tells Caesar, that her dream foretells doom and succeeds in convincing Caesar not go to the Senate on the "ides ofMarch" which is tomorrow. Decius Brutus arrives and hearing that Caesar will not be at the Senate tomorrow, flatters Caesar into going so as not to show fear.
Artemidorus waits in a street with a...
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