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N::>A "1ec.\-y\ C.d\
"'IV ,

~u.{,f\.o. \


Key ToThe Extraterrestrial Messages

( IlIdll~,.ili,'Ii

Dr. ('lIl11lJlli/:11(' pn'~""/l'fl aserie« uf 29 1III'~~al!",. {mill III1/.'r ,.pan' in "l-:.rtmt"rf1'strial Int"/Iipl'nn>." NSA Teehnico! Journnl, Vol. X 1. Nil. ~, IIIJ. /11/ If. arid in Ih" Sp,~'ial Ma/hl'matil',' and1':/1.~i",~'rill.1[ 1~,.'II· of II", .JfIIlrIllIl, I'll. II i If. '1'111' rlll/owi'JI! artid~ d"'I'I~luJl~ II k,'y til th"IlI' n..'~~a!l"Il, Parauraph' numlwr.• parallel the serial numbers of the 1II1'••SlII!I'Sreprinted ill /hl' alllll'lIdi.r bt'I,,,,'. This illdlld~s 1/111 ""II' s ,'r;,',.--:III lII,d :11'--1111/ illl'llldl'fl ;11 /hl' pn't'illu~ artie/,'.
AI every step in I he solution we make a I!UP!l~ atJhe meaning. !,:'ilh'nl'I' will quickly accumulate to verify or refute this 1!1I"~S. The 1I""sihilil v of IImhil!:lIit ~ Ill' IWII l'lInl'il\l"nl I'oilltillnl' i" '('ry rpmnll'. Only in Ih" lastsreps. where veriticarion is thin. could this happen. l. There nre z l I'ymblll .., in the nrder I!:i'en bv this messaae. :!. Ii is equivalent ttl AA, C ttl AAA, etc. That is , A = 1: B =:!: (' = :1:D=-I: !':=r,: F=6: t:=i.
:1. The s~'mhtll L mean s the twu thinll~ that ("nllo' ;HI' 1111' s.une. LX Y 1I11':ml' x =~' . .1. Em'h Slall'nll'nl hlIS:; s~'lI1hllls. mill ht'llinl' with L. The ·1 symh,.lsutter L must he clInsidered all two thinl!:l', Io:m'h statement has a " a" Ihl' third It'lll-r, which must 111' I he sl:nl ,,(" sl'.'"nd thinl(. Is H= I IW ~-, . I BV s AV \ur \ BV = AV I; It is truethat nul TV e:v BV = . e:v ur BV; II is true that UV and HV =. TV llV UV; AV or or CV) = IAV or BVI or CV; TV\AV'I'V\BVCVI\ = 'l'V\TV AV BV!CVI; TVIAVIBVurGVl1 = TVIAVBVlurTVIAVCVI; AV urTV IBV CV I= TVIAV or BV IIAV ur CV I. It is apparent that TV means "01U1." Nulil'e thnt I. is uSI't1lwn' Itl lIIean "ltll:ically equivalent 10," although I have wrilten = I I . Nu/I': II is used here for...
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