La antigua lima

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Their Clothes
 The women were using long dresses, mainly they were managing to cover the shoes, sometimes they used canes, they were using metals to make the hips narrow, her dresses were clearcolors, were using heels and her hair mainly were using it tied.
 The men were using the colors blue, black, whitly, yellow, and others, mainly this they were the colors that they were using of shirt,and his trousers were of black, blue, brown, gray, white color, etc. His shoes were mainly black color or quoits, were of gloss or leather. Some of them were using caps that they were bequeathing upto the knee or before, sometimes they were using canes but it was not very common to use them, they were not using very much the long hair, were using it shortly.
Their Transport
 One of thetransports more worn they were the coaches that consisting in 2 or 4 horses that were pulling a small car of wood painted white, yellow, black, grey or blue.
 The Second transport more worn was to goastride, one did not see two persons great in an alone horse, always there was a person for horse; between the horses that more were using they were white and black.
 Former the childrenin his neighborhoods were amusing themselves being wetted, playing with his cars of wood, they were playing the Trompito, also they were playing a heap with the games that were manual, the girls withher dolls of wood, porcelain, of rag, of fabric, etc.
 The young men were amusing themselves listening to music, it was the most secondhand thing, to the day they were listening to music, werereading very much, and to end of the day all the persons were sleeping very early, at 7 p.m., mainly, they were sleeping at the hour that was going away the daylight, and if they were remaining more timeawake were using candles.
Public Buildings
 The hospital Loayza and the hospital 2 de Mayo are public ancient buildings, offer a good service and to a just price, it is very cheap, and some...
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