La camisa de margarita

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Ok the story is kind of long, and the English translation is kind of weird. It loses the meaning. The story uses many words that seem from Peru or some part of South America. So I’ll use the Spanishversion.

I'm a native Spanish speaker so I'll try my best to give you the basics of the story. I didn't translate it word but word but close enough so it doesn't lose the meaning. Hope it helps.Good luck!

The characters:
Margarita Pareja-the beautiful lady in love with Luis
Raimundo Pareja-margarita's dad
Luis Alcazar-the poor guy (as in no money) in love with margarita
DonHonorato-Luis' single and really rich uncle and also very proud and stubborn

Margarita was the most beloved and pampered daughter of Don raimundo. She was so beautiful that she could captivate the devilhimself and make him go crazy for her. She had intense black eyes that captivated guy's souls.

Luis had just arrived from Spain. He was going to inherit his uncle's (honorato) fortune when theuncle died but until then he was really poor.

So Luis meets Margarita. They flirt and fall in love. Luis thought that it wouldn't matter that he was poor and went to Margaritas' dad to ask formargaritas' hand in marriage.

Margaritas' dad doesn't like the idea at all and says politely no to Luis. Don Raimundo tells Luis that margarita is too young to get married and that even though she is18, she still plays with dolls.
However, Don Raimundo's real reason was that he didn't want to be the in-law of a poor guy/a no-body and he said so to his friends.

Then, one of the friends goesto Luis' uncle Don Honorato, and tells him so. Don Honorato gets really mad. He says that anyone would be pleased to get his nephew. He feels offended. How can raimundo dare to say no

Margarita, onthe other hand, was nervous like a lady in distress. She cried, pulled her hair, had tantrums, and was pale and losing weight. She talked about becoming a nun. She yelled, "Luis or God" when she...
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