La carrio es una zorra

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* The story starts with Viola and the captain stepping out the boat into a beach. They arrived at a place called Illyria.
Viola asked the captain if he knows this place, he tells Viola that he was born and raised up very close and talk about Duke Orsino, the governor of Illyria. The captain explains that the Duke is in love with a woman named Olivia and he wants to marry her butOlivia doesn’t accept the love of Orsino.
Viola decided to help Olivia and serve her unit she organizes herself but this is going to be impossible because Olivia don’t want to accept anyone into her home except family and servants and always ignores Duke messengers.
Finally Viola went to serve Orsino dressed like a young man named Cesario. The Duke really trusts Cesario and becomes the Duke favorite.Orsino send Viola to talk to Olivia to explain the love that the Duke feels. When Viola arrived to Olivia’s house and talk to her about the love of Orsino she saw that Olivia was fallen in love with Viola dressed of Cesario.
The act finishes with Viola loving Orsino, Orsino in love with Olivia and Olivia loving Viola.

Antonio and Sebastian have a conversation as they walk along thebeach of Illyria.During the conversation Sebastian explains to his friend his true identity: hisreal name isn’t Rodrigo, is Sebastian, the same name as his dead father. Alsotells his twin sister is Viola and she died in the shipwreck and even declaresthat he should be dead with her.
Sebastian wants to appear in court of Duke Orsino and Antonio wants to accompany thougt he has many enemies atcourt.
That night, Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are drinking wine in the dining room on the house of Olivia and they are making noise. Maria, one of the servants, demand,with the help of Malvolio, to stop making so much noise that can disturbOlivia. The butler warns Olivia's uncle telling him that is part of the familyand therefore has to try to drink less because Olivia may be able to get himout of herhouse. Sir Toby is offended by the threat of Malvolio and ignoresit. Maria, obeying orders, continues to serve wine and then Malvolio tells herthat if she continues serving wine he will have to tell Olivia. Maria is angrywith him and decides to take revenge with the help of Sir Toby and Sir Andrewand taking advantage of Malvolio’s ego. Revenge is to write a letter, addressedto a beloved, posing asOlivia for for Malvolio finds the letter and make itfor him.
The next day in the library, the Duke Orsino talks to Cesario and asks for her love.Cesario replies that the woman she loves is very similar to he because she's inlove with the Duke, but Duke advises her to forget it and fixed in a youngerwoman.
Then he asks her to return to Olivia's house to speak of the love of Orsino, butCesariotells Orsino to accept reality and forget about it because Olivia wantsnothing with him. But the duke doesn’t realize the truth and Cesario go toOlivia's house with a jewel.
Meanwhile, in Olivia's house, Sir Andrew, Sir Toby, Fabian and Maria are hiding behind the bushes in the garden waiting that Malvolio pick up the letter of revenge.Malvolio, walking around, comes over and reads the letter inwhich the allegedOlivia declares her love and wants him to take yellow stockings, be strict withthe rest of the staff, wants to use bright colors and, finally, wants him tosmile when he is near her. Malvolio falls into the trap and decides to dowhatever Maria says in the letter. The four spies out of the bushes laughing and very happy.

Sir. Andrew, jealous because Sebastianwas going tomarry Olivia (thinking that he was Cesario), tried to hit him. Sebastian, stronger than him, gained advantage quickly. Sir. Toby, watching the downside of his friend Andrew, grabbed Sebastian's arm before he hit him. Toby refused to free his arm, and then he faced Sebastian. Olivia, crying, begged his uncle to stop. Olivia apologized for her uncle's behavior, and told him not to get angry with...
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