La energia eolica

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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2010
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The Energy Moves the World
Life in its different forms, animal or plant, it is possible only through the transformation of one type of energy into another (solar energy into chemical energy,chemical energy into electrical energy, chemical energy into mechanical and thermal energies, etc.). The human body is the most wonderful machine for energy conversion. The development of the countriesdepends on electrical energy capacity because the electricity can be transmitted over long distances with lower losses, lower cost and less environmental pollution. Electrical energy is the result of theconversion of an energy primary resource such as sun, water, wind, coal or petroleum. Do you know how electricity comes from your appliances? In fact any kind of primary energy can be converted intoelectrical energy, the difference is related to the process for obtaining electrical energy. There are three basic processes, direct conversion, indirect conversion in two stages and indirect conversionin three stages.
One type of electrical energy is the direct conversion. In this case the primary source of energy becomes electrical energy without the relative motion between a coil (electricalconductor) and a magnetic field (Faraday’s law). One prime example is the solar power, which turns sunlight into electricity in a solar cell using the photoelectric effect. The 46 MW Moura in Portugalis actually the largest solar power station in the world. Another example is the battery in which the chemical energy contained in two electrolytes is converted directly into the electric current. Thistype of energy is always used for lighting cars. The main disadvantage is that the batteries can not produce large amounts of electricity. The direct process for obtaining electrical energy has moreefficiency and fewer losses. Solar energy is an intermittent power source and requires a backup supply, it is also expensive because it uses high technology but it is a non-polluting clean energy....
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