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Movie analysis of “Little Miss Sunshine”
(2006 American comedy-drama film)

The main plot of this movie is to make true olive´s dream. Her dream consist on wining the beauty contest that she hadbeen practicing with for a long time ago, she had learned all her dance moves with the special help of his grandpa; Olive is the youngest member of this strange family. She has a big brother calledDwayne, who wants to join the US Air force; He had decided to do a vow of silence, since he is accept in the air force. On another hand there is a hidden reason, he is escaping from his irritatingparents and his grandfather useless advices. The family is also composed by Frank, the wife brother, he is homosexual and is living with the family because a few days before he tried to kill himself at thehospital where he was staying at, this attempt of suicide was due to a couple of problems he was getting across. Richard is Olive´s father; he is a businessman, which had failed in all his tasks. Hehad promoted to his sons a nine step guide to succeed in life, he try to do things right and he always questioned his father thoughts. Sheryl completes the entire family; she has an inability tocommunicate with her husband and sons. They all agree to travel to Redondo, California Beach, and support Olive in her all life dream, they are traveling in a Volkswagens miniban.
The type of family in themovie is an extended family; they are more than two generations living at the same house and shearing meals and dinner. They all have a role inside the household. We can say according to sociologystudies that the Hoover family represents the XXth century family stereotype.
The movie shows a positive view on family, during the trip they had travel among lots of problems including, Edwin deathand Dwayne desilution. They had encouraged all this problems all together showing companionship, friendship and supporting each other at all time. The family values had been clearly shown along the...
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