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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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Valeria Duque#4

Parents or friends?
Have you ever wonder why parents can’t be with their children in the same room without discussing? Or why they can’t stoplaughing? What happens is that sometimes parents make the mistake to think they can be friends more than parents to their children. Maybe to understand them or maybe because they want to be strictwithout getting mad, but when parents try, children are busy on their Blackberry or on their iPhone. Or parents are the ones that are busy.

It can be a good thing that parents want to be theirchildren’s friends because they can advice them and they can talk and sometimes the children will feel comfortable talking about things with their parents that can be delicate. When there is a goodparent-child relationship there is more respect because parents will understand the limits that their children have and vice versa. Something that is very good is that when children feel lonely or sad,parents will be there for them and would help them. They would make their children feel better and support them in everything. When parents want to have a better relationship with their children isbecause they want to get closer to them and they want to understand what happens to them in their life.

On the other hand it can be bad for children and parents get along because the child will reach apoint where he is not going to have respect for his parents, because the child will have a lot o confidence. And when the parents are going to try to correct the child, the child will not respond theway parents will want to because the child will be used to treat his parents as friends. Sometimes children get angry with their parents because they are not paying attention to them. What happens isthat children are accustomed to have their parents paying attention and when they don’t have time children feel rejected.

Parents are always in constant struggle for a better relationship with...
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