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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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Mr. Vole is a young very good looking men who was accused for a mysterious assassination of an elderly lady occurred last Friday at Cricklewood. The woman name was Miss EmilyFrench, about 75 years old. She was a person of means, well off, even though, she lived poorly almost humbled. A witness that was very good friend Mrs. French was that night inthe house and said she heard a men at half past nine talking to her at the sitting room , this was the last person she remember that has enter the house. Apparently, she wasmurder between twenty past nine to ten o’clock. The investigators review that this woman was killed with a heavy blow from a crowbar, and the crowbar was lying on the floorbesides her body. They also noted there were missing some non-valuable items. Vole was the one suspicious and accused for this murder. His supposed wife Mrs. Romaine was one whowas supposed to be an alibi and it turned out to be the opposite way, she said a completely different lime compare to his version. She said Mr.Vole didn’t came home at half pastnine , he came at twenty minutes past ten, this indicated he was not home at the hours the murder occurred . This evidence made people wondered if Vole was innocent or guilty.In the trial, Romaine, accused Vole of being guilty, she said he was the one who killed the lady and they should set death against him. Mr. Mayherne, Vole’s lawyer discovereda letter she wrote another man saying Vole was innocent that she just wanted revenge. At the end, the lawyer found out Romaine’s evidence was a tissue of lies from thebeginning to the end. She confessed in the trial all her lies. In conclusion, she developed this whole story out of her passionate hatred. That day, Mr. Vole was sent free.
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