La republica americana ( the american republic

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The American Republic

Speaking of law is not an easy issue, there are too many questions when it comes to giving a clear definition about it but it can be defined as the normative andinstitutional order of human conduct in society based on principles of justice, which are based in the social relations that determine its content and character. In other words, is the set of rules governingsocial life that settle interpersonal conflicts. When we talk about government we can define it as the authorities who manage, supervise and administrate the state institution which is the generalpolitical direction or exercise of state power. Strictly speaking, this usually means the body (which may consist of a President or Prime Minister and a variable number of Ministers) to the Constitution orthe basic norm of a state function or power conferred executive, and exercises political power over society.

In the book it can be seen that the author reflects a broad conception of the origin ofgovernment, first of all this is refering about the origin of this word: in the right of the father to govern his child. The second one is that it originates in convention and is a social compact thethird one is that it originates in the people, who collectively taken, are sovereign, the four one goes that government springs from the spontaneous development of nature, the fifth derives its rightfrom the immediate and express appointment of God, the sixth one states that From God through the Pope, or visible head of the spiritual society, the seventh one is From God through the people and thelast one, the number eight From God through the natural law. These principles make it very clear as you can give a connotation of the beginning of the government and from there onwards to the end andpurpose.

the government always handle everything that has to do with the company since its inception has always been present that the best way to organize a state is the creation of a higher...
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