La sfuturas fuentes de energia

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Global Trends in European Energy Industry |
Final Work |
By David Berrocal Gallar |

Fossil Fuels
These fuels cause pollution when used, are produced and transported.
There is the reason to the huge amount of CO2 that we are emitting into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.
Contamination also occurs in the production and transportation, particularly oilspills (accidental or due to security), and the work in the refineries.
The gases released by fossil fuels produce the so-called "greenhouse effect".
It causes the planet like a greenhouse. The gases avoid the release energy from the atmosphere. This produces an increase in global temperatures.
One consequence of this greenhouse effect is acid rain. This makes the rain is more acidic than normal.The rain ceases to be beneficial, leading to disease and decay of living beings and ecosystems (see image 1).
But in my opinion the most serious problem of all is the oil spills.
Oil and his derivatives are essential how energy and for the manufacture of multiple products of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc. The percentage is not very big, but is 3 million tonnes end up polluting the watereach year, causing damage to the marine world and coast cities (see Table 2)(see Image 2).
The most recent case is the spill of BP Company in the Mexico's Gulf (see Image 3). Between 1,000 and 5,000 barrels per day, have been spilled to the surface. Also have been used chemicals to remove oil from water, without knowing its impact on the marine world.
This makes me ask a question: Really offsetuse of these fuels with all this issues involved?
Yes for some people. There are many international’s interests to continue using these fuels. This is a big problem because we are hurting ourselves.
Not long ago, started an unjust war only to control the oil interests of a country, Iraq. USA started a pointless war that killed innocent people by both sides (started in the year 2003 and has notfinished)( see Image 4).
As I see, oil is a source of energy that has a very important role in today. I think it is going to be very difficult to remove, and is the result of which were not sold new and alternative energy sources completely valid.

Electrification of Cars
The electric car is one of the sectors that are evolving more. All car manufacturers are launching their prototypes and areinnovating a lot in improving the functioning and performance of these cars.
Between 1832 and 1839, Robert Anderson invented the first electric vehicle. Based on this vehicle, are petrol cars we know today.
Currently, all manufacturers have their electric car models: Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, etc.
Many manufacturers sell hybrid cars for years. These cars combine an internalcombustion engine and one electric motor powered by batteries.
The electric car is a real and effective solution to the disappearance of oil as fuel (see Graphic 1). Contamination levels of CO2 are absent; it reduces noise pollution because the engine noise is minimal, and gets more energy saving at the stops.
Allow a reduced dependence on countries that must import oil to satisfy markets.
Alsoenhance the creation of energy. The cars would load the batteries at night (see Image 5), allowing the use of natural energies such as solar or wind power.
What is the problem?
Our natural energy infrastructure is not as developed as to support a market of electric power cars (see Graphic 2).
This would mean building more nuclear power plants and power stations, which would produce morepollution and social anger.
Also problem arises with their silent motors. This showed that this leads to more accidents.

Hybrid Cars
Isn´t a future technology, is a present technology. For example, The Toyota Prius started shipping in Japan in 1997.
A hybrid car combines two motors, an internal combustion motor and one electric motor powered by batteries.
Have more low consume than non-hybrid...
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