La ultima cena

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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2011
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The Last Supper was a work of art created by Leonardo Da Vinci, but over the years other artists have re-painted or recreated the work of art as the way they would see it. It’s like they would makeit like their own instead of just painting the exact same thing Da Vinci did, these people would paint this because they made it part of their culture. An example would be one that was made out of saltin Poland in a salt mine. Another example is a portrait I have at home of the last supper, my family and I incorporated it at home because it is part of our culture we are Catholic.
The painting Ihave at home is not made on canvass it seems to have been painted on a metal rectangle and then sprayed on with something to make it look shiny. Although the idea was Da Vinci’s this would fit into thefollowing categories of art. First it’s that the “artists make a visual record of the people ,places, and events of their time and place”, “artists give form to the immaterial-hidden or universaltruths, spiritual forces, personal feelings”, expresses religious beliefs, and, reflects the social and cultural context.
The Last Supper gives a visual record of time and place as well as the peoplethat were there. Obviously the painting is about when Jesus had his last supper with all the twelve apostles and where he states that one of the apostles is going to betray him. It is where Jesus saysand teaches the apostles that his body is the bread and that his blood is the wine, also known as the Eucharist. During the last supper there was also the event in which Jesus washes all of theapostle’s feet. So even though that the painting doesn’t show all of these things it just shows that they are all together and that they will be doing something and for those people who know what happens afterJesus tells them one of them is going to betray them they can be able to visualize what they will be doing later on because that is what they did during the last supper.
In Da Vinci’s painting...