La vida es otra cosa

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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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Statement of an Absent Love
Martha met Mark for the first time in May 1894. It was an old and isolated town, Chrisbull town, where Mark had lived since he was born. Martha was just a city womanvisiting the culturist village.
When they met, she liked him instantly; and he, he just asked her to marry him. She accepted.
She noticed that he always carried a tape recorder from which he was used tohear a female voice, a voice of love. She asked him why he did that, but he never answered…
So they married, and had the “happy ending”, but that was just until something changed, and <<themiracle happened>>, he said... Then, one day, Mark went out and never came back.
That’s what Martha knew, now there’sthe true story:
Mark was born in 1860 in Chrisbull town. He was the only child in his family. He was grown up in a poor family that managed to improve. Though, his family was very conservative.
Whenhe was 16, he was taught by his dad to be a carpenter.
He quickly learned and started to work. But, unfortunately, his mother died when he was 20. Then his father got crazy and disappeared.
Then,somehow, something started to be missed in Mark’s life. Somehow, he knew what he wanted, for the first time. He wanted someone to love, not a friend; even though, he never had a friend.
That was thetime when Karina appeared.
Karina was a young woman or something like that. She mysteriously started to appear everywhere Mark was, and he expected her to do so.
It took 3 month for everybody tonotice that Mark was in love.
He was sick, lovesick. He couldn’t think about anything else. He felt like he was fallen in love for the best woman in the world. She, she just was there, expecting he willdo something, waiting…
They were always together, but he never expressed what he was feeling, and she never made him do the work. Until one night…
That night was supposed to be the best night....