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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2010
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Universidad Latina
Ingeniería Civil
Laboratorio de Física II
Laboratorio #1
Esteban Zúñiga Lobo
14 de setiembre 2010
III CuatrimestrePurpose
* To become familiar with the circuit Experiment Board.
* To learn how to construct a complete electrical circuit.
* To learn how to represent electrical circuits with circuitdiagrams.
* To know what is the Basic Digital Multimeter.

Investigation Before
* Electric Circuits: is an electrical network (interconnection of two or more components such as resistors,inductors, capacitors, sources, and semiconductor switches) that contains at least one closed path.
* Elements of electrical circuits: Electrical elements are conceptual abstractions used in theanalysis of electrical networks. Any electrical network can be analysed as multiple, interconnected electrical elements in a schematic diagram or circuit diagram, each of which affects the voltage inthe network or current through the network. These ideal electrical elements represent real, physical electrical or electronic components but they do not exist physically and they are assumed to haveideal properties according to a lumped element model, while components are objects with less than ideal properties, a degree of uncertainty in their values and some degree of nonlinearity, each ofwhich may require a combination of multiple electrical elements in order to approximate its function.
The four fundamental circuit variables are current, I; voltage, V, charge, Q; and magnetic flux.* Basic Digital Multimeter: A multimeter or a multitester, also known as a volt/ohm meter or VOM, is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. Atypical multimeter may include features such as the ability to measure voltage, current and resistance. Multimeters may use analog or digital circuits—analog multimeters and digital multimeters...
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