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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2011
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Jesus Arriaga known by the nickname "Chucho el Roto" (Santa Ana Chiautempan, 1858 - Veracruz, March 25, 1894) was a legendary Mexican bandit.
Born in Santa Ana Chiautempan in the state of Tlaxcala(Mexico) in 1858.
Its original name was Jesus Arriaga. He became cunning villain and excellent con artist by failing to find another way to get revenge on a millionaire who sent him to prison. He hadescaped from the prison of San Juan de Ulua in the year 1885. The prison was on the island of the same name, opposite the city of Veracruz.
It ensures that their captivity was due to the revenge ofDon Diego de Frizac, a millionaire uncle of a pretty young nobleman who fell in love with Jesus, who was then a poor, honest carpenter. Matilda and he fathered Frizac a beautiful girl whom they namedMaria de los Dolores (Lolita).
Upon discovery of the fact that Jesus was humiliated and threatened by the relatives of the girl, and ultimately rejected by it, for fear of his uncle. Chucho thendecided to steal her daughter, and this was the reason for jail, prison first in the Federal District (Belem Prison), where he was transferred to San Juan de Ulua, even though you have returned to thecreature.
Jesus Arriaga scams became famous and surprising Mexican and foreign, being a cunning thief who, however, used most of the stolen goods to help the needy.
He was known by the nickname of"Chucho el Roto" because to carry out their scams used to dress with great elegance, the style of the wealthy of those times, the so-called "broken" (elegant). Over nearly ten years in the company of hisfollowers, nicknamed "La Changa", "Juan Palomo" and "Lebrija" robbed and cheated, but also fought for the dispossessed, becoming one of the most beloved idols the people, and who robbed the rich tohelp the poor.
Years later he was arrested in the Summits of abuse, Veracruz, which was supposedly his last robbery. He says he was taken back to the prison of San Juan de Ulua, where he had escaped...