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Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana Frances Spenser was born on 1 July 1961 at Park House, Sandringham in Norfolk, England and was a member of the British royal family.
She wasan iconic figure of the late 20th Century and was admired for her groundbreaking charity work. She married Prince Charles in 1981, in a wedding watched by over 1 billion peopleworldwide, and received the title of “Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Wales”. She had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. However, in the middle 1980s under muchpublicity the marriage broke up leading to a divorce in 1992. During this period Diana is said to have suffered various health problems such as bulimia and depression.
As Princess ofWales, Diana was expected to take part in various official engagements, such as, opening of hospitals. This provided a natural outlet for her to become involved in various types ofcharitable work. Her natural sympathy and oneness with patients was much admired. In 1987, Princess Diana was one of the first well known celebrities to be photographed with avictim of AIDS. This was important in changing attitudes to the disease.
Despite the pervasive press intrusions into her private life, Diana remained very popular because peoplecould identify with her. Her hands on approach to charity work gave the impression of a new type of Royal.
Diana died on 31st August, 1997, in a car crash. It was said they werebeing chased by paparazzi. The death of Diana had a profound impact on the British public and in other countries. It led to an unprecedented outpouring of grief and sympathy, for aperson people had taken into their hearts. Over 1 million bouquets of flowers were laid at Buckingham Palace. Her funeral was watched by countless millions around the world.