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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2010
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Madame Vigee-Lebrun was a wealthy artist, she paint portraits of the aristocracy. She lived during the French revolution, the French revolution was a very harsh period in which new points of view andideas about government and power were spreading among the third estate; they were influence by the American Revolution, they wanted equality, liberty and democracy, and because of these the thirdestate (that was the poor people) rebel; the taxes and the prices increased and because of all these the economy decline. France had a huge debts and bad economy it caused alarm in the population,another problem of these period was their leader Louis XVI, he was not a good leader and his queen always add problems, her behavior only made this situation worse, they spend a lot of money, then they werekilled; finally the rules of France were hated by most of the population.
Madame Vigee-Lebrun hated the poor people and not only that she was afraid of them, she was afraid to be poor and to livedin their situation, she was a classist woman she thought that all poor people were indecent and that the high classes do not had to respect the lower classes, she considered that they were servants(people that had to work for her), furthermore she thought that the poor people had terrible faces what mean that they were ugly people and that they were stinky and filthy people, to add additionallyshe thought that all these poor people were thieves and criminals, that they were wicked and violent people, she recognize how dangerous the poor people could be when she tried to escape from Italy,she was very influence by the third estate, she used bad words to refer to them. She discriminated the poor people because they are different and because of these she thinks she is superior, and shedoesn’t understand the reality.
As a conclusion I can say that madame vigee-lebrun is afraid of the poor people because she thought that poor people wanted to stole her because she was rich (and...
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