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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2010
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Euthanasia in animals
The euthanasia in animals is a method which with an intravenous injection the animal die without pain and suffering, I know that some people said that the only method thatcan provide a death without hurt is the injection, the others methods like the electrocution, the decompression and others are ineffective. In my opinion the euthanasia must be supply in cases where theanimal has a terminal disease, but a problem in general is that not all the animals have the chance to die without pain.
I agree with the euthanasia in animals, for example when an animal has aterminal disease or doesn’t have any chance to survive and you know or feel that is suffering and nothing can help, because what do you prefer and animal that still alive but you hear crying all the timeand that you have to take it to the veterinarian or you prefer an animal that die, but stop suffering and breaking your heart. In my opinion you have to take the decision with all the calm and verycareful, and before put any method of the euthanasia search information about the better and effective way to do it, only put the injection when the doctors can’t do it nothing to save the animal.
Ithink that are some cases where the euthanasia is a wrong option for example when some people don’t want any more their animals and use the method to get out of the problem and that isn’t right,because you can do something else, like search a family that care about the animal, other case is when in the shelters after certain time many animals die caused by the euthanasia, but the animals have agood condition of health and the shelters don’t wait until some family adopt it , just go with the easy way.
If some people are disagree with the euthanasia in animals so why most of them letreproduce their animals if they can keep it, don’t want the animals and the solution that the people choose is to leave them in the street or in shelters until apparently other family adopt them, but not...
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