Learning from experience

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  • Publicado : 28 de enero de 2012
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Carmen Acuña Ipinza
Miss Martha Epperson
Advanced Practice III
12 June 2009
Learning from Experience

Analyzing the experience of two teachers, we discover that a combination of personaltraits and educations practices was a key factor for successful teaching. Perseverance, hard work, good organization and positive disposition turned out to be excellent characteristics in a teacher.Moreover, in the case of educational practices and tactics, how teachers take into account children’s particular needs, how they concoct activities that motivate them to participate, and how they createconditions for meaningful learning to take place seem to be very influential for the results obtained within a class. Therefore, if we compare their testimonies, it is possible to understand whatpersonal and professional elements are worth to be considered for the improvement of our own performance as teachers.

Although professional training is a relevant factor in teachers’ practice, individualdispositions are also influential. In Miss Emma Lewinsohn’s case, her positive attitude, perseverance and hard work reinforced her class. She had to be able to find creative ways to teach usingvarious appealing materials and attractive activities. As a result, she was able to sort out her sutudents indifference and reluctance to learn. Katherine Schulen also achieved important progress despiteall the difficulties she had to face in her first years. Furthermore, her enthusiasm and empathy engaged her students to get involved in their own learning. Finally, a trait they both shared was theemotional connection they achieved with the students. While one of Lewinsohn’s students narrated a moving story, Schulen deeply enjoyed the affection children showed for her. Consequently, theseteachers’s attitude and the affection they gave and received were more important to achieve the desired connection with the students than the professional training they had.

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